Choosing the right piping system is always the challange while designing networks as quality, safety & reliablility. These are the prime question for a BUILDER , CONTRACTOR, DEVELEPOR or a Home Owner.

Q-therm offers piping system as an environment friendly product with unique physical & chemical properties.

Why Q-Therm

. Hygenic Suitable / Food Grade Material
. Non Toxic
. Smell & Taste neutrality
. OPAQUENESS: Opaque product prevent sun light penetration and thus resist Bacterial and fungal growth.
. Corrosion Resistance
. Chemical Resistance: by most of the acids
. Sound Insulation (Higher than conventional piping system)
. Flow performance / Low pressure loss
. Long Service life (than any metal piping system)

Mechanical Properties:

. Hight Impact resistance
. Low thermal conductivity
.Resistance to current strays
. Hight durability
. light weight

Sizes: Available from 20mm to 110mm complete pipes and fittings

Quality Standards: DIN-8077 DIN-8078