AGM 914 for CPVC ™ is a Orange, Heavy Bodied, High Strength, Medium Setting CPVC Solvent Cement for Types IV Grade 1. All pipe schedules and fittings through 12”. This cement is manufactured in the U.S.A.


914 For CPVC ™ is for use on CPVC pipes and fittings. This cement may be used for up to 12” pipes and fittings with interference fit for such applications as potable water, irrigation drain, waste, vent, sewer and conduit. This cement can be used for HOT, COLD water and Industrial systems. It is approved for use on Flow Guard Pipes and fittings.


Color Orange
Appearance Liquid
Set Time Medium
Cure Time Consult ASTM schedule
Meets: ASTM F- 493 specification
Shelf Life: 2 years


This cement has passed the following tests performed according to ASTM Standard F-493
2 hour Hydrostatic Burst Test 400 psi (27.58 Bar)
4 Hour Sustained Pressure Test 400 psi (27.58 Bar)
Thinners should not be added to change viscosity (thickness) of the cement. It may change properties and performance of the cement

4 Fluid Oz / 120ml 24 Can with brush in cap
8 Fluid Oz / 237ml 24 Can with brush in cap
16 Fluid Oz / 437ml 12 Can with brush in cap
32 Fluid Oz / 947ml 12 Can with brush in cap


Shake well before using (do not use if cement is not fluid)
Keep container closed when not in use
Set time is the time required before joint can safely be handled. Cure time is the time required before joint can be pressure tested
1. Cut pipe square with saw or hand cutter. Remove all burrs
2. 3. Check dry fit of pipe and fitting. Pipe should easily go 1/3 to ½ ways into fitting. If pipe bottoms into fitting it should be very snug
3. Pipe and Fitting should be free of dirt, grease and other foreign materials. If necessary clean pipe and fitting using AGM Universal Cleaner No. 970. Use Primer is highly recommended for 3” and larger diameter installation. Apply liberal coat. Primmer will start softening surface of pipe and fitting thus ensuring superior join
4. Use applicator supplied with the can or suitable applicator at least ½ the size of the pipe diameter
5. Apply Liberal coat of cement to the pipe (equal to depth of fitting) and adequate coat inside of fitting. Make sure there is no uncoated surface. Avoid puddling of cement, it may weaken the joint.
6. Immediately insert pipe into fitting with twisting motion. Cement should be wet. If it has dried recoat both parts. Use sufficient force to ensure pipe bottoms into fitting.
7. Hold joint together for 30-40 seconds to make sure pipe is not pushed out – longer time if temperature is low and for larger pipes.
8. Allow 15 minutes set time before handling the assembly and 2 hours cure time if temperature is below 16 degree Celsius or 60 degree Fahrenheit. Longer cure time may be required for larger pipe and or temperature is below 16 degree Celsius or 60 degree Fahrenheit